Guidelines Regarding COVID-19

Customer Expectations

  • Stay at home if experiencing symptoms of COVID-19
  • Wash or sanitize hands when arriving and leaving the farm
  • Customers are encouraged to maintain physical distancing at all times
  • The first priority for all is to maintain a healthy and safe environment for all customers and staff
  • Maintain a 2m distance from other customers and staff
  • Anyone not respecting social distancing may be asked to leave the property
  • Leave pets at home

Crowd Control

  • To reduce peaks in client arrivals, please take an appointment with us by texting us(613.913.6576) and/or sending us an E-mail at ( In December it will be possible to reserve an appointment for Thursday and/or Friday
  • Families are required to stay in their bubble with their children
  • It will not be possible to allow entry in any building to warm-up. An outside wood stove is being build. It will be possible to get close to the wood stove to warm-up while maintaining the 2m physical distancing from the other families


  • To limit contacts, we are looking at the possibility of allowing the deposit of the payment into a box identified for that purpose when the client has the exact payment amount.
  • The face mask will be required if adequate distancing cannot be maintained during the payment transaction

Disinfecting the Equipment

  • The equipment such as the sleds, measuring sticks and bucksaws will be disinfected regularly but it will be possible for the clients to bring their personal equipment to cut their Christmas Tree. Chainsaws are not authorized..