Christmas Tree Farm

Projects for 2019

Improvements are constantly performed at the Christmas Tree Farm to ensure your visit is pleasant.

This year, in May, Douglas Firs, Concolour firs and Scotch Pine will also be planted in addition to planting Balsam firs, Fraser firs and White Spruce to increase variety.

This spring, two of the actual fences will be extended to protect the above planted fir trees from the deer in winter.

The extension of the fences will require the transplantation of approximately 200 red maple in another field near the entrance. Maybe the next generation will be able to tap them for maple syrup.

If time permits two bee hives will be installed to pollinate the red maples and the wild apple trees and the white clover. An additional fence is planned behind the sheds for the fruit trees that will be planted. These trees will also benefit from the bees.

The animals of the forest as well as the deer are an integral part of the farm. White clover was planted last year and more will be planted to provide ample food for them. Hopefully you will be able to see them when you come cut your Christmas tree. This morning, February first, tracks from a moose that had come near the sheds at night were observed.

In order to provide you with the best good-looking Christmas tree possible, each tree is trimmed every spring. The trimming is initiated in the middle of May and completed by the end of June to allow the trees to make buds where it was trimmed. The trimming corrects imperfections and fills up the skirt.